Where in the world is Rachel? My Research Progress

Courtesy Google Images

Courtesy Google Images

I’d like a map, please.

At this stage in my research, I have completed the following:

  • Completed two in-person interviews
  • Completed two online interviews
  • Received two extra e-mails from teachers with tattoos stating their experience
  • Attended the Skindustry Expo in Allentown, PA
  • Read articles pertaining to tattoos
  • Researched videos that pertain to tattoos (emphasis on YouTube)
  • Have made arrangements to meet with a tattoo artist at a local parlor and have him walk me through a routine visit

After pooling responses from both the in-person and online interviews, one thing is clear: I would like a map, please.

After speaking with an administrator and a teacher for my in-person interviews and corresponding with two teachers with tattoos via e-mail, I have noticed a pattern: tattoos are not Public Enemy number 1. The teachers commented on how they have never had a bad experience with having a tattoo, and one teacher went as far as explaining how she uses having a tattoo as a learning experience for her students.

Thus, I am thinking about putting a positive spin on my article on tattoos in education. Before, I planned on fighting for the idea that having a tattoo doesn’t make one less capable. Yet, it seems a lot of people are already there. So, I will jump ahead with that mentality and comment on just how positive tattoos can be in education.

I already have quotes from people who are okay with teachers having tattoos. Now, I am working towards getting a balanced article by getting quotes from people who are adamantly against tattoos (perhaps in general, or perhaps strictly on teachers).

I am feeling somewhat apprehensive about the direction of my article. All of the research is spinning before me like a whirlpool, and it is overwhelming. I would love thoughts and feedback on my plan for discussing the positives of tattoos in education. Thanks for your help!


  1. I suppose it depends, really, on both the placement and the subject matter of the tattoo. For instance, I have a Batman symbol tattoo on my right bicep, and a Superman symbol on my left bicep. Should I land a job in education, both tats can easily be obscured with short-sleeved shirts. I’ve considered getting others, but I don’t want anything on my forearms — no matter how innocuous — because some administrators would have a real problem with it, even if it would be, in fact, a Star Trek sciences command symbol I’ve considered for a decade.

    I’ve got mixed feelings about the professional perception of tattoos. If it’s something cute like a bee or a puppy, or something solidly entrenched in pop culture (like Batman or Star Trek), and it’s on an arm, leg or back — even if it’s a full sleeve – I don’t see a problem with it. Might as well throw in the Japanese and Chinese symbols while you’re at it, even if they’ve become as cliched as tribal bands.

    But it it’s a naked lady, or some weird dragon beast that’s going up the neck to the face, or if its a string of profanity in an overly visible place, that not acceptable in my book. And this is coming from a guy with ink.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Joe! You make some really good points. I think most people agree that visible tattoos, if tasteful, aren’t that bad. BUT, like you said, if it’s something offensive or inappropriate, it’s a poor show of judgement, especially in the work place (unless your job accepts that, like being a tattoo artist, etc.)

  2. Love all of the info you have, so far, buddy!! I always was stumped when I thought about tattoos. I don’t think anything is wrong them. I would have trouble getting one for two reasons: 1. I am not good with pain on discomfort. lol 2. I am not sure what I would get that I would be okay with having forever. I contemplated getting something about my dad and then I thought-if he were alive and knew I got one, he would probably shoot me. lol So, here I am-tattooless yet in awe of what many people have chosen to get. Pretty interesting. I hope you get some more direction soon, missy!! Good luck and great job!

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